Why You Need to Start Thinking about an IT Academic and Career Pathway Right Now…

What is Information Technology?

With Information Technology (IT) you can either create a way or use someone else’s way to manage technology. IT includes computer hardware, information, programming languages (C#, Java, C), and, software. Anything that arranges data, information, or knowledge into something you can see–for example, using a multimedia platform–is a part of IT. IT also means using computers and computer software to convert, store, guard, process, send out, and obtain information and data. The best thing about IT is it is used as an innovation-driver; you can come up with new ideas to improve the world, in any industry, to create solutions that make things better. With IT, you become a technology agent who can change the way things are done.

Any Industry

Find out if you are suited for a careers like graphic design, IT, or Computer Science. You can use a degree in IT or Computer Science (CS) in any industry or field

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Like a challenge?

So, now it’s your turn to start Your Future in IT and explore and use the many planning tools, read informative and fun resource pieces we have created just for you, and start your IT journey.

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Problem Solver?

You learn something cool every day. IT is a great challenge!Learn More

Always Relevant

Even when the economy dips, the technology sector continues to look for talent! There are tons of jobs out there in IT, and the trend is the sector will continue to grow.

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      • Do you want to make a difference in the world?
      • You can use a degree in information technology or computer science (CS) in any industry or field. You can take your IT or CS degree and work in finance, entertainment, fashion, sports, health care, energy…you name it. It’s a portable degree. You can use it anywhere, anytime, in any way you want.
      • IT and CS jobs are among the highest paid jobs in Washington State. Also, people who have an IT or CS degree and are in a job, report the highest level of job satisfaction.

      • There is constant demand for a IT or CS graduates. (Note: In Washington State, while there are jobs for two-year graduates, many employers are looking for a four-year graduate with experience, like an online portfolio, an internship, or a part-time job.)
      • Do you sometimes wonder what the future holds for you, for the world, for your friends and family? Well, working in IT means you get to not only wonder, but to decide what the future ends up looking like.
      • There is constant demand for a IT or CS graduates