Being a parent, a care-taker, a guardian to a child is one of the most important things that we, as both individuals and society, can do.  It is rewarding, challenging, and there are highs and lows.  In the end, the wonderful thing about parents is they are role-models, guides, provide care and comfort, and play a vital role in shaping a young person’s life; they are there to listen to and support aspirations, direction, ethics, values, and so much more.

As a parent, you know that access to education is one of the great opportunities afforded to us.  The quality, ability to properly prepare for college and beyond, the available outside resources and tools, are all crucial to your child’s educational experience.

This website aims to assist, advise, provide resources and tools that make your child’s information technology (IT) educational and career pathway rewarding, smooth, challenging (in a good way), informative, creative, purposeful, and enjoyable.

The resources we provide to you are here for you to take advantage of in order to understand, encourage, and guide your child during their IT journey.