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This is a fun and fast way to learn which IT career pathway is right for you, based upon your interests, thought-processes, and personality. This is meant to help you identify your strengths and match them up with a specific IT pathway, as well as show you some job titles, descriptions, and salaries. So start YOUR future in IT now.
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  • Complete each section by checking next to each statement you feel accurately describes you.
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    Handsome editor sitting in front of his colleagues who are working

Question 1 of 9

If you were a fish, where would you want to be swimming? In a bowl or the sea?  Fish IT Quiz

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Question 2 of 9

We all dance to the beat of a different drummer. What’s your beat? Dancing

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Question 3 of 9

Someone always has it all figured out. Do you? YFIIT High School Math Student

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Question 4 of 9

Someone has to solve the world’s problems…Right? Is it you? World Travel

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Question 5 of 9

Score!!!!  Is this one for the team or one for that striker? Soccer

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Question 6 of 9

Someone is in the kitchen cooking…Is it you? Or, are you the one who’s waiting for dinner to be served? Father and teenage sons in kitchen by stove

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Question 7 of 9

What is she writing about? Something serious or a funny note to a friend…Giggling TeenagerIn Hammock

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Question 8 of 9

It's you in 2020… What would you tell the You of tomorrow? "I’m all business" or "It will all work out." Young men future

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Question 9 of 9

Are you riding off to a new adventure or drawing a self-portrait? Driving adventure

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