What You Can Do to Guide Your Student’s Journey

The students you advise can begin exploring their college options today! Direct them to our searchable database of community college and university programs in Washington State. You can also find this feature by selecting the “Plan Your Future” tab on our home page and then clicking on “Find a College Degree” near the bottom of the page.

Counselor Choosing an IT ProgramThings Students Should Consider When Picking Their IT College Program

  • How relevant the program is to their interests and career goals
  • How aligned the program is with their abilities
  • How well their grades and test scores meet the program’s entry requirements
  • All costs associated with participating in that program: Tuition, fees, books, supplies, transportation, and possibly housing and food
  • The types of financial aid available for that program, at that college or university
  • By the time they graduate, will they be able to find employment using this degree?

Things Students Should Consider When Picking Their College or University

While academic offerings should be the primary consideration in where a student decides to go, the college or university itself will also play an important role in the learning experience.

  • Geographic location: How close does the student want to be to their family and current friends?
  • The college or university culture: Will your student be happy here? If they tend to like structured, more conservative environments, there may be colleges that have a  “build your degree” philosophy, like Evergreen State College. If they have their heart set on smaller classes, they might feel adrift at the University of Washington where many of the general education courses, including math and science, are taught in a large lecture hall setting with hundreds of students. What sports, clubs and student organizations will your student be seeking?

Bookmark the College’s or University’s Website

Let your student know that they’ll be coming back to their school of choice’s website a lot during the admissions process. They won’t find everything they need there, but if they have any additional questions about entry requirements, they should get in touch with the admissions office.

Visit The Campus

Once a student has narrowed down their list of programs, they’ll want to gain some deeper knowledge about the college or university that houses the program. There’s no substitute for a tour of the school, or maybe even a day spent wandering around campus and getting familiar with the libraries, popular hangouts, and dining facilities. If a student is having trouble deciding between several programs, “getting a feel for” each higher education institution might help them make their decision.