Study groups could improve your grades and deepen your understanding of a particular subject. This might especially apply to subjects such as math, science and IT. The best study buddies hold you accountable for getting work done, keep you on task, contribute insight, and act as a sounding board for your ideas. Join or create a study group today.

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The Advantages of Study Groups

  • They Don’t Let You Procrastinate: Think about it—if you have a statistics test tomorrow, you might find it easy to find something else to do instead of study (like clean the refrigerator or surf Facebook), but if you have a meeting set with your study group, you’ll have some captive time to review concepts for the test
  • They Strengthen Your Own Knowledge: As a group member, you’ll contribute to your group’s success by helping others with concepts you’re strong in. By explaining these concepts, you’ll reinforce your own knowledge and help your peers—it’s a win-win situation
  • They Refresh Your Memory: Study groups can remind you of important things—such as quiz dates, additional homework assignments or schedule changes—that you might have somehow missed
  • They Have Your Back When You’re Sick: Don’t miss out on homework assignments or notes because you had the sniffles. Ask someone in the group (or designate a partner) to make a copy of the notes/assignment and send them your way
  • They Can Test Your Knowledge: Have your study partners quiz you with flashcards or sample questions. This can be more effective than trying to quiz yourself

Finding the Right People

Your study partners should:

  • Be Engaged learners: Do they take notes during lecture, or seem to doze off?
  • Be Reliable: Do they show up to most classes and complete their assignments?
  • Be Able to Stay Focused: Does your potential study partner complete in-class assignments within a reasonable amount of time, or do they seem more interested in socializing?
  • Have a Decent Understanding of the Subject: Grades aren’t everything, but you will want people who can contribute their knowledge or abilities in some way

Although studying with friends can be fun, it may not be the most effective way to learn new material. Sometimes the best people to study with are acquaintances—you get along with each other but aren’t tempted to spend the whole session chatting.

Establishing Group Rules

Group rules will ensure that everybody does their part, and there are no “free-loaders.”