Showcase Your IT Skills

Online Portfolio

Portfolios (or, e-portfolios) are used by people in many different professions. Photographers, graphic designers, writers, and illustrators are more or less required to have at least one. However, portfolios are becoming common for everyone, not just those “creative” types. You don’t have to be an artist to create a portfolio. A portfolio is simply an organized collection of your best work. A portfolio can (and does) contain many different things, but it should almost always contain an element of reflection.

How does this apply to your IT career? You can use the work you’ve created for classes, from your club(s), and from your own hobbies to show future employers your talents, technical skill, and knowledge! You might include a logo you designed for your aunt’s business using Flash, your plan for the architecture or design of a website, or blog posts about your take on technology in the news.

What Your IT Portfolio Should Demonstrate

  • The high quality of your work
  • The diversity/variety of your work
  • A reflection or description for each piece
  • Your organizational and presentation skills
  • Growth or improvement over time

Ready-Made Sites for your Online Portfolios

When building an online portfolio, you have two basic options: you can create a website from scratch (with good old html), or you can use a content-publishing platform like WordPress or Squarespace. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular and user-friendly sites:

  • WordPress– One of the most well respected blogging/portfolio platforms on the web. Free.
  • Squarespace-Offers a two-week free trial period that transitions into an $8/month fee.
  • Carbonmade-Free service and very whimsical feel.
  • Behance-Another free service that also allows you to “follow” and connect with other professionals.
  • LinkedIn-LinkedIn now has a free “Creative Portfolio Display” feature that allows you to connect your portfolio with your profile

Some Stellar Portfolios

Snag inspiration from some of these amazing portfolios and get an idea of how to organize and describe your own work.

U-32 Computer Science Portfolio Page- U-32 High School offers an AP-level computer programming course with Java. While the majority of the programs that the students write are executable programs, a small number of their assignments are written as Java Applets, which can be run directly via the web.

Web Designer Portfolio: Shannon Moeller– Shannon has many examples of websites he’s designed, and also includes descriptions of the reasoning behind his design decisions.