Puts You Ahead of the Competition!

Plus, they can create your first GENIUS move in planning your career in IT…You’ll never know until you try!

An internship is a great way to gain first-hand knowledge about your career in IT. By working alongside IT professionals, you will gain valuable experience you can use to strengthen your resume and get noticed by people who matter. Think of it as sticking your toe in the pool of IT before you dive in. Read on to see why, and how, you can secure an internship.

Why Is An Internship a Good Idea?

  • You’ll gain job experience and specific skills that future employers will love
  • You’ll have a leg-up on the competition; most high school students don’t do internships (so, now you will be the one that has the real details on what happens in-house)
  • You’ll gain perspective on the culture of a particular company and how things are done there
  • You’ll start to meet and work with the people who might offer you a job someday
  • You’ll get the real story on what working in the IT industry is all about, and we hope it will reaffirm or help you with your goals

How do I get one?

  • There are a lot of IT companies and organizations, as well as companies that may not seem like they are related to IT at all, but do have IT departments (like the fashion industry, advertising, agriculture, you name it) that offer internships.
  • Visit company websites to see if they offer opportunities for high school students
  • Even if the company or organization (don’t forget non-profits) of your choice doesn’t advertise or have formal programs, get in touch with someone at the company. It never hurts to let them know you’re interested in interning for them.
  • Ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors if they know of any opportunities or people at companies, government agencies, non-profits, you name it, where you can have a very meaningful internship experience. Right?

Microsoft offers full-time summer internships to high school juniors and seniors. Check out sites like Fastweb and Internships.com to search for internships in particular fields and locations.

Know Your Rights: There are federal laws that define what an internship can and can’t be, and not all internships are created equal. Remember that an internship is primarily a way for YOU to learn and grow, and you are not there just to offer a free service to a company, so they don’t have to actually hire someone to make photocopies. Visit this government site to learn more about the official rules.

Make sure you understand the terms of your internship and what it’s all about before you commit to it.