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Bellevue College’s Institute for Business and Information Technology has three main ICT-related programs: Information Systems, Networking Services and Computing Systems, and Digital Media Arts. Each program has tracks providing emphasis on specific technologies. The Information Systems program is designed to educate software professionals for entry-level careers as developers or systems analysts. It provides maximum flexibility for students entering the ICT field. Students specialize in one of three areas: Software Development, Business Intelligence, or Database Administration. The Network Services and Computing Systems program focuses on how computers communicate and work together to ensure the security and effective operation of a company’s computer networks. Students specialize in one of three areas: Operating Systems, Applications Support, or Routers and Network Infrastructure. The latter options cover competencies towards specific industry certification. Students who have completed both the Associate in Arts degree in NSCOM and the Associate in Arts and Sciences DTA are eligible to earn a Bachelor of Applied Technology degree at Bellevue College through Eastern Washington University via the Eastern at Bellevue partnership program. The Digital Media Arts program is designed for students interested in studying the creation, use, and management of high-quality digital media content.

Bellevue College also offers three Bachelor degrees:

Data Analytics:  Bellevue College has carefully designed the overall curriculum scope, as well as individual courses, to help students gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to be successful data analysts. Successful graduates of the program will meet all course and program learning outcomes.

Information Systems & Technology: This career-oriented bachelor’s degree completion program provides students with a broad base of theoretical and technical knowledge, as well as specialized knowledge in one of four concentration areas: application development, business intelligence, systems administration and information security.

Computer Science:  This high-paying degree will provide students with applicable knowledge for a wide range of in-demand IT positions. Students will be prepared to undertake assorted design responsibilities of computer and software based systems and comprehend the tradeoffs among various modeling and design choices.

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