Application Development & Software Engineering

With this career pathway you will develop, design, test, and maintain software, such as programs, games, applications (both mobile and web), languages, and operating systems; (think – who and how did someone come up with Angry Birds; why does the PC or tablet website look so much different on my smartphone; why, when I download something does it crash my system; how did they come up with online banking.)

This pathway is for you if you:

  • Like to solve puzzles, problems, and strategy games (chess anyone?)
  • Are interested in people and want to know how and why they think the way they do
  • Consider all the angles when faced with a problem
  • Like to test things out to see if you can break them
  • Imagine (and, even know) there is a better way to do something
  • Sometimes think you are quite the detective

Systems & Network Administration

With this career pathway you will plan, design, install, secure and maintain servers and other computer systems; (think – how do computers actually work; how to stop SPAM and phishing; how exactly did I end up receiving this email; or, why can’t I send an email.) Computers are connected to network systems that store and share information. You may also work with cloud computing as it entrusts services with a user’s data, software and computation over a network.

This pathway is for you if you:

  • Work with ideas
  • Really think about a problem
  • Come up with a solution
  • Solve problems
  • Stay organized
  • Test something to see if it breaks

Web Design, Development & Digital Communications

With this career pathway you will design and develop products and information that link together more than one IT set, such as a website, database, animation, software, and devices we use every day; (why do I like a specific website; I wish I could develop a cool video game and I actually have an idea; how come a pop up just appeared and asked me if I needed help shopping.)

This pathway is for you if you:

  • Use tech devices, like tablets, PCs, cell phones, smartphones, video games, or I-pods
  • Use the net to research school projects
  • Draw, paint, and essentially are artistic and creative
  • Work with patterns, forms, and designs
  • Think about what’s possible, not what is the current reality
  • Enjoy a challenge