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Renton Technical College offers a number of information technology degrees and certificates.  These include: computer programming, computer network technology, and computer science (transfer and applications development).  They are also developing an applied baccalaureate degree (a four-year degree) focusing on software application development technology, which is one of the highest demand career pathways in Washington State.

Applications Developer is a one-year certificate option in the two-year Computer Science certificate/degree program. Students enrolled in the Computer Science program may opt to exit in one year after completing the requirements for a certificate as a PC Applications Developer.

The Computer Science program is a follow-on (second year) to the Applications Developer certificate. The student’s education is expanded to prepare for entry in various careers in the Information Technology industry. Job titles include: 

  • Client-Server Application Developer/ Programmer
  • Database Developer/Administrator
  • Internet Applications Developer/ Webmaster
  • IT Project Manager 
  • Network Administrator/Specialist
  • Software Tester 
  • Systems Analyst

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3000 NE 4th St Renton
Renton, WA 98056
Phone: (425) 235-2352
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