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Computers of all shapes and sizes perform hundreds of business functions from bookkeeping and record keeping to highpowered futures analysis and industrial forecasting. They have become essential tools in today’s business world, making those with computer skills and knowledge just as essential.

The widespread use of computers for processing technical information has opened a career field which continues to grow. If students are interested in becoming a part of that field, our Computer Information Systems department gives them a variety of choices associated with network engineering, network administration, and services with which to build a future. The Computer Network Engineering department offers top-notch classroom training and hands-on experience with servers and client systems, and network hardware and software, while learning a full range of network design, installation, administration, security, and support activities. Students who complete the program will be prepared for a wide range of careers in companies that use or service network computer systems.  The Database Management and Design program focuses programming theory and techniques, relational database concepts, data modeling, data and system security and the Structured Query Language. They will gain experience in maintaining and controlling information stored in a database and monitoring and allocating the data storage space available on a computer system.

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1601 39th Avenue Southeast
Lakewood, Puyallup, WA 98498, 98374
Phone: 253-964-6500 (Fort Steilacoom campus) or 253-840-8400 (Puyallup campus)
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