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Clark College in Vancouver maintains three major departments relating to Information and Computer Technology. The Computer Technology (CTEC) department at Clark College offers training in a variety of foundational and content-specific topics relating to general computer literacy and fluency, computer operating systems interactions, programming, databases, web technology, and networking. CTEC currently offers the Computer Support Specialist program, a certificate in Web Programming and an AAT degree in Web Design and Development, collaboratively delivered with the Computer Graphics Technology (CGT) department.

The Computer Graphics Technology (CGT) program at Clark College provides hands-on learning with technologies used to create visual graphics, develop integrated media, and produce design solutions. CGT curriculum consists of two specialized certificate programs in Web Design or Graphic Design. These certificates can lead to one of our comprehensive AAT degrees in Web and Graphic Design or Web Design and Development.

The Network Technology (DNET) department provides in-demand training for careers as Network Administrators, Network Engineers, and Network Support Specialists. All aspects of modern computer networks, including traditional data, video conference, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone, wireless networks, and network security are featured in degree and certificate programs based on Microsoft and Cisco certifications.

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