The results are in: IT continues to be an ever expanding field, and it’s not going anywhere. Because of new and emerging technologies, there is always bound to be some form of tech job available. Careers in IT are relatively stable and well-paying. These jobs are about being a part of a movement that produces the most exciting innovations and solutions that are all about making the impossible, possible

15 years from nowIT Pays Well

Money isn’t everything, but our  economic recession has shown things are a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about it. IT jobs generally pay well. And, if you and your child decide upon Running Start, or attend a 2-Year college program before transitioning to a 4-year program, you can also save some serious money on tuition.

Here are some estimated salaries for various IT professionals in Seattle (according to

  • Software Engineer: Junior Software Engineers might start out around $54,000, while Principle Software Engineers might make around $100,000
  • Mobile Application Developer: This hot new job title could rake in around $83,000
  • IT Security Analyst: Estimated between $65,00 and $77,000
  • User Experience (UX) Designer: UX Designers make websites and interfaces friendlier for the average user. Indeed estimates that they could earn somewhere between $70,000 and $90,000

The IT Sector Continues to Grow

Even as other sectors struggle, the Information Technology sector is thriving. Because of the way technology enhances every aspect of our lives, across every industry, the need for IT workers will increase over time.

We Need IT Workers

Your child can fill a very important need when they choose to pursue IT. The United States (and Washington State, especially) desperately needs IT workers. The demand is growing.  The number of qualified IT workers is not.  We need students who can focus and realize how cool and exciting it is to study Information Technology and Computer Science in college; complete their four-year degree and enter the IT workforce.

The explosion of mobile applications and cloud computing are creating hundreds of well-paying jobs. And, technology creates challenges for every industry, and then asks IT professionals to solve them.  That is Job Security 101.

This article will help you learn about 10 in-demand IT careers.

There are many reasons your child should pursue IT. It’s up to you to gauge and figure out your child’s aptitude, grow it, and help them discover how an IT career let’s them really have the best of all worlds.  Share our IT Interest Quiz with them to discover their strengths!