tech prepTech Prep is a national education program that allows high school students to earn college credits while in high school (this is called a dual credit program, because high school and college credits are being earned at the same time). Tech Prep is a great, cost-effective way to help jump-start your high school student’s academic path in IT.

Depending on their interests and abilities, your child can start fulfilling requirements for a program in information technology, networking, programming, engineering or web design. Getting started exploring an IT career this early will mean that your child is already ahead of some of their peers in terms of a smooth academic transition from high school to college.

Benefits of Tech Prep:

Most Tech Prep high school classes are aligned, or articulated, with a specific professional degree at a local community college. If your child has a pretty clear idea of what program or degree they want to attend, they can start fulfilling those requirements right now, in high school!

With Tech Prep, your child will have the opportunity to:

  • Fulfill both high school and college requirements at the same time
  • Save up to thousands of dollars on tuition, books, fees, and transportation
  • Start exploring an IT career they are interested in
  • Build IT workplace skills, as well as the math, science, communication, and technology skills that IT employers demand
  • Develop career connections through internships or job shadowing
  • Begin training for the in-demand and high-paying careers that exist in IT
  • Graduate from college early

Eligibility to Earn College Credit:

Students can start a Tech Prep program as early as ninth grade. In order to earn college credit, the student must earn at a “B” (3.0) or higher.

Get Started with Tech Prep!

Check your student’s High School website or consult with their career counselor to find out which community/technical college programs offer credits for their school.  Or, check out this website to see a list of the Washington state community colleges that offer Tech Prep. Each community college website should indicate which high schools they support through Tech Prep. Read more about the particulars of that Tech Prep Program and then click the “register” button once you’re ready!