Although your child may not admit it, you as a parent are one of the greatest influences in their life. As you continue to work with your child in achieving their academic and career goals, get involved as much as you can and show your support along the way. Research has shown that it makes a world of difference for your child’s performance in school.

The Potential Benefits of Parental InvolvementParents as Teachers

  • Higher grades
  • Improved standardized test scores
  • Better attendance
  • Stronger social skills
  • Better behavior
  • Increased likelihood of pursuing a college education

Get Involved

Another effective way to encourage your child to excel in school is to attend events they’re involved in. Some of these might include:

  • Sporting events/games
  • Arts showcases
  • Science fairs
  • PTA meetings
  • Parent/Teacher conferences

Offer to Help with Homework

If you’re comfortable with a subject (maybe you were the math whiz in high school), take some time to tutor your child and help with homework. If you’re not familiar with the subject your child is struggling with, encourage your child to talk to their teacher or counselor. Let them know it’s OK to ask for help.

Hold your Child Accountable

Even if you’re not really into IT yourself (and that’s OK), and you don’t have time to help with homework or attend school activities, you can still offer a lot of support by simply having high standards for your child and expecting them to do well. Demonstrating that you care is really one of the most important forms of support for your child.

  • Known when report cards come out, and make it a routine to review your child’s report card soon after it’s issued
  • Be aware of test/quiz dates and check in with your child a few days before to encourage them to study
  • Communicate your expectations: Let your child know that you think they’re capable of getting good grades. Believe it or not, this simple action has been shown to be the most effective

This Edutopia article contains some more great information about how and why parents are such indispensable tools for a student’s success.