Your Future in IT aims to:

Teacher Resources

  • Actively encourage, provide helpful tools to encourage success and consistency for students who are already interested in IT
  • Create awareness, interest, recruit and retain students, who might not be as familiar with IT, in forging a robust academic and career pathway in IT

Educators Resources also features resources, tips, advice on how best to help your students who already interested in IT. ¬†Additionally, we provide information and ideas and ways to encourage students to start thinking about how an academic and career pathway in IT, is a way to develop into a life-long learner; evolve as a solution’s provider; become an innovator; and, employment prospects and salaries for IT professionals have remained consistently higher than other professional career pathways.

It’s also important to help students understand that with an IT degree you can work in virtually any industry: finance, entertainment, health, agriculture; you name it. ¬†IT supports, drives innovation, creates solutions for every industry.