Female Student Talking To High School CounselorMiddle School

As a middle school guidance counselor you work with students, educators, and parents to support learning needs and styles, as well as the cognitive development of students. Middle school students are going through different mental and physical changes that may impact how they experience their middle school years.

Finding resources that can nurture and support a middle school student as they either are firm in their exploration of an IT academic pathway, or want to learn more, is what this site’s purpose is: to help you, your students, and their parents.

High School

As a high school guidance counselor, your primary focus is on the IT academic and career pathway as well as providing hints, tools, and advice on outside or extra-curricular activities a student can take on to enhance their successful transition from high school to college or university. You are being asked to assist a student in choosing the right high school courses and activities that will help in their articulation to college or university. You are instrumental in guiding a student’s application process to college or university. While you are expected to know every academic and career pathway leading to a higher education institution or job, sometimes additional information comes in handy.

This section is here to help your IT-sure or IT-inclined students make the most of their time in highs school in order to get ready, set, and go to college or university.

Explore this site for insight into academic and career planning pathway guides; an IT interest quiz your students can take to find out which program of study is right for them, as well as resources for students, parents, and educators that might prove beneficial to you in your role as a guidance counselor.