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Application Development & Software Engineering

With this career pathway you will develop, design, test, and maintain software, such as programs, games, applications (both mobile and web), languages, and operating systems; (think – who and how did someone come up with Angry Birds; why does the PC or tablet website look so much different on my smartphone; why, when I download something does it crash my system; how did they come up with online banking.)

Note: These are additional required courses for admission to a four-year college or university.

(Note: Industry recommends subject matter mastery in statistics will increase the likelihood of success in the understanding of programming concepts)

Note: A rigorous program of math and science is highly recommended for this program of study

Certificates (Note:These may be required for a programming position. They are aligned more closely to the technical knowledge and skills required for an applications developer position.)

AAT, AAS, and other degree granting programs require additional general education requirements:

5+ Accounting Credits
5+ English/Comm. Credits
5+ Economics/Finance Credits
5+ Math Credits
10+ Social Science Credits
5+ Science Credits

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and other degree granting programs require additional general education and program specific requirements.
Note: Continue to take 200-400 level general education requirement classes in English, communication, math, science, social science.
Complete Programming and Software Development Major (4 Year Degree program)